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Maison de la Musique de Divonne

Ecole de musique, apprentissage d'instruments, ateliers, Big-Band

Who we are.

Located at the heart of our town for several decades, the music school of Divonne-les-Bains has been able to adapt to a cultural evolution in teaching practice. The MMD is open daily to welcome students and musicians drawn from our membership of over three hundred.partition 2


It’s from as young as two years that the youngsters discover: sound and rhythm, their choice of instrument, how to read music and to play as a group. Gradually and over several years we guide each student toward the maturity and autonomy that a musical education embodies.


All graduates, musicians and orchestras renowned groups, our twenty-seven teachers, know how to adapt their teaching to the needs of students, whether practising or performing. Above all, the MMD teachers transmit their passion for music; sharing a knowledge ultimately destined for enjoyment by the public.