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Maison de la Musique de Divonne

Ecole de musique, apprentissage d'instruments, ateliers, Big-Band

Musical Awakening for children from 2 years old


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MINICROCHES from 2 years old

Have fun around games that introduce sounds, instruments, rhythm and music through movement, mimed and danced rhymes … We offer youngsters a special moment to discover the joys and mysteries of sounds and music. These courses are designed to familiarise young children with music, and give parents educational tools they can experience with their child in everyday life. 10 children per group, each child accompanied by a parent or an adult.

MAXICROCHES from 3 years old

Further to Minicroches but also for youngsters from 3 years old, children are introduced to a musical experience to further their love of music while allowing them to discover its components. Rhythms, instrumental discoveries, listening training are part of the course, that also includes many games, captivating stories, dances and rhythmic song. The child must be autonomous (toilet).

MUSICAL AWAKENING from 4 years old

Colors of sounds, rhythm games, simple and captivating instruments, songs from here and elsewhere, We offer an unexpected trip to take the youngest in a musical universe that will allow your child to learn this common language. His senses will be awakened by everything that surrounds him, in order to develop his perception, his sensitivity and his attention. 4-5 years old: medium and large nursery section 5-6 years old: large nursery section and primary school

A parent would like to learn or restart a solfege course?

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Our working methods and our teaching are there to meet everyone’s expectations for the pleasure of learning far from the old stereotypes!! see Solfege