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Maison de la Musique de Divonne

Ecole de musique, apprentissage d'instruments, ateliers, Big-Band

The language of musique (Solfège)

An approach to music that educates and develops young students in the organisation and understanding of sounds and rhythms. Through listening, imitating, and analysing music, the student acheives a steady and progressive understanding of this new language, gaining a valuable additional form of expression. From the first lesson, the student musician uses a recorder to gain practical experience of the language of music. This attractive and playful approach provides the means to quickly and directly associate the musical sounds with their corresponding symbols, and thence to make a concrete link between written music and resulting sound. This approach rapidly builds confidence in playing from musical scores, allowing early participation in one of the many music groups within the MMD. Teachers: Didier GRENU GOSTELI & Stephan KOBLOTH

TIMETABLE : school year 2014-2015 children & adult courses

(option from 6 years old) Solfege


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From 2 years old, Minicroches, Maxicroches & Musical Awakening,

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