Flute & Flute and woodwind ensemble

Léa Marion-Nély began her musical studies with the violin at the Lyon Conservatory. It is later that she decides to play the flute. She quickly reached a similar level in both disciplines and continues to improve in both instruments. She then chose to make music her profession.

At the age of 18, she obtained her Baccalaureate and her three Diplomas of Musical Studies in the following disciplines: violin, flute and musical training. Her entrance to the Haute École de Musique de Lausanne in 2015, where she trained with José-Daniel Castellon, Loïc Schneider, A. Moreau-Zardini and S. Latour, is decisive: she decides to devote herself exclusively to the flute.

In 2018, she continued her training in Master Orchestra. Since then, she regularly performs with the Sinfonietta Orchestra of Lausanne, under the direction of D. Reiland. The following year she passed the competition as an extra at the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra.

In parallel to her studies, Léa Marion-Nély teaches flute and musical initiation. In 2022, she obtained her Master of Pedagogy.

In addition to her passion for the orchestra and teaching, she has a taste for chamber music. During her studies, she formed the Utopia Trio and the Duo Caméléon. It is with the Duo Caméléon, where she combines theater and music, that she created the show "Halgar and the Princess". She also performs as a soloist under the direction of G. Colliard.

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