Song, Piano, Song 4-6 years

Inês Flores-Brasil obtained her Bachelor of Singing degree in Porto (ESMAE) in Rui Taveira's class. She subsequently obtained a Master's degree in musical interpretation in the class of Maria Diaconu at the Haute École de Musique de Genève and is currently finishing her Master's degree in the Pedagogy of Singing.

As a soloist or in vocal ensembles, Inês has performed in various festivals around the world (Portugal, Spain, England, Holland, Croatia, France, Germany, Brazil and Switzerland). In the operatic register, she already has several roles to her credit and also dedicates herself to the concert repertoire and the religious repertoire.

Inês is the initiator of several chamber music projects including the Pierrot Ensemble, Dualités Réminiscentes and Duo Borghetta.

She is particularly fond of the repertoire from the 20th century to the present day, the Portuguese-speaking repertoires (Portugal, Brazil) and other forms of artistic expression such as Clown or Mime.

As a vocal coach, Inês has already been invited to work in the Azores (Ensemble Vox Cordis), Porto (Coro da Capela de S. António) and Brazil (NEOJIBA project). She is currently pursuing an international certification in communication and voice through High Performance Vocal Coaching.

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