The school charter


Established in the heart of the town for nearly fifty years, the Divonne-les-Bains music school has successfully adapted to a cultural evolution in teaching.

Teaching cannot be limited to the simple application of a curriculum, even if its objective is to bring each pupil to musical autonomy.

The philosophy of our school is to allow students of all ages, levels and cultures to evolve and develop fully, in a learning environment that respects the sensitivities and expectations of each individual.

The school offers all students the opportunity to represent themselves through music, giving each one the opportunity to learn, listen, discover and create at their level and energy of assimilation.

An openness to music and teaching versatility introduces and mixes styles and eras, while respecting our musical history and artistic fundamentals.

Our teachers' mission is to train and accompany students over the years by listening and encouraging them, giving everyone the opportunity to develop as a musician, music lover, actor... with responsibility for his or her own progress.

Dynamism, vitality and, evolution make the Maison de la Musique de Divonne-les-Bains the place for learning and creation, enabling encounters and moments of sharing, through a simple lesson, a rehearsal or, indeed, a concert or an audition.