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Maison de la Musique de Divonne

Ecole de musique, apprentissage d'instruments, ateliers, Big-Band


Our thirty two teachers are all professionally qualified, practising musicians, and members of well known bands or orchestras, know how to adapt their tuition to the needs of their students. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Furthermore the MMD teachers transmit their passion for music by sharing a skill for live music performance.

      • ABEILLE Emile violin
      • ARNAUD Mathilde flute
      • BERLAUD Baptiste trumpet
      • BROOMFIELD Allans piano
      • CARETTE Jonathan piano
      • CLARENBEEK-GENNEVEE Steve drums and percussion
      • COSSETTINI Richard drums and percussion
      • COULEZ Clément music initiation (4-5 ans), youth choir, FM4-5 – FM adults
      • DARMON Victor violin
      • De LUZE Vanessa violin
      • DING Sophie song
      • DIOLLOT Eric trombone – piano
      • DUMAIS Sacha electric bass, rock workshop
      • DURANT Benoït french horn
      • FARQUE Benjamin Toumaï Orchestra
      • FARQUE BenjaminFAVRE Joris piano
      • GOY ALAIN MMD Jazz Big BandGOY Alain
      • GRENU GOSTELI Didier: MMD director, music theory teachingGRENU GOSTELI Didier 2
      • GUERRA Bertrand guitar, guitar workshops
      • Bertrand-Guerra_FdlM2015LAMBERTET BASOVA Valeriva Piano
      • LLEDO Richard drums and percussionRichard_LLEDO
      • LOCATELLI Alexandre piano
      • MEUNIER Clément Saxophone, Zébra wind instrument workshop
      • MORALES Ernesto guitarMORALES Ernesto
      • MOUREK Daniel clarinet
      • OLLIVIER Anne-Sophie violon
      • OSWALD Margaux piano
      • PERVIKOV Andrei guitar
      • PYTHON Christine : vocal workshopsPYTHON Christine
      • ROHNER Sylvain flute , Mini & Maxicroches (2-3 yrs)ROHNER Sylvain
      • ROZE Valentin cello, string workshop
      • SONG Sijing piano
      • ZUFFEREY Gabriel piano – youth orchestra – jazz workshop