Samuel Jakubec is born in La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE) in 1989. He starts playing drums in Palo-Alto (California) in 1996 then continues his studies at the CPM in Geneva graduating in June 2006.

Fascinated by many musical styles, from metal to jazz, from funk to rock and reggae, Sam Jakubec creates a network of bands and projects over the years, with which he will be involved on a more or less long-term basis.

During his training, he followed the teachings of Jeff Ballard, Adam Nussbaum, Dave King, Thierry Hochstätter, Oli Beaudoin, Kai Hahto, Michiel Van Der Plicht, Raùl Esmerode, Cyril Regamey, Guido Wyss, Al Widmoser, Sebastian Lanser ... and the workshops of Jojo Mayer, Gerry Hemingway, Joey Baron and others. From 2006 to 2016 he worked with the Hypocras group, among others. The group will tour Japan several times.

At the moment he's playing in the band Stortregn, a blackened death metal band that performed at the Wacken Open Air 2015, the biggest metal festival in Europe.

He has already released around ten albums, has performed in the biggest capitals: London, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Bratislava... and has opened for countless world-famous bands.

In addition to being a real steamroller during his live performances, Sam Jakubec is also an educator as he has been teaching drums to students of all ages for several years.

With all the openness and accessibility of a young and no less talented musician, Samuel Jakubec offers a rich stylistic palette, drawing influences from Bill Stewart, Tony Williams or Jeff Ballard as well as Merlin Sutter, Daniel Erlandsson or Kai Hahto. Not only does he manage to be the most delicate "Timing Guardian" that rock music has ever provided, but he is also a drummer who is very much in tune with the musicality of the band and has a rare sensitivity to words and their evocative power.

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